Top 6 Kahlua Recipes

Kahlua is a type of coffee liquor that originates from Mexico. The first Kahlua production began in 1936 and the trademark is now owned by French winemakers Pernod Ricard. Kahlua contains coffee beans, Vanilla beans, Corn syrup and sugar. Since its very introduction Kahlua has become favorite liquor which is added to several types of cocktails, ice creams, Cakes and Cheesecake due to its strong but aromatic Vanilla-Coffee flavor. Two types of Kahlua liquors are produced, the regular Kahlua with 20% alcohol content and the Kahlua Especial which contains 36% alcohol. Here’s the top 6 most popular Kahlua Recipes.

1. White Russian

White Russian Kahlua

Image Credits @ cyclonebill

The Sweet cocktail is made by mixing Vodka, Kahlua, Cream and ice. Despite of its name the White Russian did not originate in Russia but the recipe was published in 1965, in California’s Oakland Tribune. Several versions of the cocktails exist throughout the world such as White Canadian, Blind Russian, White Mexican, White Cuban and White Belgian etc. each with their distinctive takes on the ingredients of the Cocktail.

2. Black Russian

Black Russian Kahlua

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A cream-less variant of the White Russian, The Black Russian is made by mixing Vodka, Kahlua and ice and is served in an old fashioned glass. The drink first appeared in 1949 and was created by a Belgian barman in Brussels. Black Magic, Vader, Dirty Black Russian, Irish Russian and Californian Russian etc. are few of the several popular variants available for the Black Russian.

3. Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini Kahlua

Image Credits @ Matt Robinson

One of the most popular Kahlua inspired drinks; The Espresso Martini is made by mixing Vodka, Kahlua, Espresso and white crème de cacao. The drink is served cold and gives a strong kick of coffee which is enhanced by the Kahlua and Espresso. The drink is a popular before dinner drink that is refreshing and aromatic.

4. Kahlua Ginger Ale

Served in a highball glass, The Kahlua Ginger ale is a simple cocktail perfect for the summers. It is created by mixing Kahlua, Ginger ale and ice. The ginger ale was introduced in 1851 during the probation era and provides that sweet and bubbly hint of ginger to the aromatic flavors of Kahlua. The Kahlua Ginger ale is best for a refreshing before dinner drink after a hard day of work.

5. Kahlua On the Rocks

Kahlua On The Rocks

Image Credits @ Madhu Menon

The most easily prepared of all Kahlua cocktails, Kahlua is served on the rock with a hint of orange zest for that aromatic citrus flavor mixed with the strong flavors of coffee and vanilla beans. The drink is an unadulterated mix of Kahlua liquor and ice and is often preferred with Kahlua Especial due to its higher alcohol content and lower viscosity. The Kahlua on the rocks is perfect for a party involving a lot of men to go smoothly along with the conversations.

6. Kahlua Mudslide

Kahlua Mudslide

Image Credits @ Kurt VanderScheer

Although, the Mudslide is available in pre-packaged bottles at your nearest liquor stores, and saves many from the hassle of preparation. The Cocktail is prepared by mixing Kahlua, Vodka, Irish Cream, ice and cream. There are several versions of the Mudslide which might add or omit the regular ingredients and is often served chilled or frozen along with ice cream.

Kahlua mixes the aromatic and flavorful goodness of the finest coffee beans from Mexico and the intoxicating flavors of the Vanilla beans. The 6 cocktails mentioned above are the most popular of all the Kahlua based cocktails and trying them is a must for all. One can also buy pre-packaged Kahlua cocktails and alcohol online at Jim’s Cellars offers the best prices on wines, craft beer and exotic liquors including the above mentioned ‘Kahlua’ that can be ordered conveniently from the comforts of your homes.

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