Kahlua Exotic Mudslide

Kahlua Exotic MudslideMaking Kahlua Exotic Mudslide can be very interesting as it allows you space to try out many variations. When the summer is hot, mudslide cocktail might be a perfect drink to refresh and relax. It is also said to be a great appetizer when you consume higher quantities of the drink.

Vodka: ½ oz
Kahlua: ½ oz
Irish cream: ½ oz
Thin cream: ½ oz


  • Add crushed ice to a cocktail shaker.
  • Add Irish cream, thin cream, vodka and Kahlua to it.
  • Shake well until the ice cream blends with other ingredients to form a smooth cocktail.
  • Pour the contents into a cocktail glass after the bubbles settle down.

Since you need to shake vigorously and for longer period, you can use electric blender instead of cocktail shaker.

If you want a strong taste, go for higher quantities of vodka. For lighter version, you can add more of Kahlua liquor or Irish cream.