B-52 Kahlua DrinkClassically layered and enticing with three liquors, B-52 is a combination that looks irresistible when prepared to perfection. Here is how you make B-52 cocktail.

Kahlua: ½ oz
Irish cream liquor: ½ oz
Orange liquor: ½ oz (Grand Marnier makes a wonderful combination).


  • Taka a shot glass and pour Kahlua, the coffee liquor into it.
  • Let the Irish cream liquor float on top.
  • Add orange liquor and let it float on the Irish cream liquor.

When you prepare layered drinks, you have to pour the heaviest drinks first followed with lighter drinks.
You can make B-52 cocktail thick by increasing the quantity of the ingredients and shaking them well before serving in a tall glass. However, the ratio should be the same.