Aggravation Kahlua Cocktail

Aggravation Kahlua CocktailKahlua being a great coffee liquor drink, you find it to be amongst the most preferred cocktail. Here is a recipe of how to make aggravation Kahlua cocktail.

The measurement given below serves one.

Scotch: 1 ½ oz
Kahlua: ½ oz
Heavy Cream: ½ oz

Have a rocks glass filled with ice cubes. Add scotch and Kahlua to it. Top it with the cream and make a tempting presentation of aggravation Kahlua cocktail.

Here is another method to prepare aggravation Kahlua cocktail.

Scotch: 2 oz
Kahlua: ¾ oz
Heavy Cream: ¾ oz
Milk: ¾ oz
Sugar syrup: ¼

Add ice to the ingredients and shake them thoroughly. Strain the preparation into a glass filled with ice.