After Dinner Coffee

After Dinner CoffeeWhat you choose has an after dinner drink is the ultimate test while you host a party. A perfect after dinner drink determines the level of success of your party. Supposed to settle the stomach after a rich dinner, these after-dinner drinks are dense and have the ingredients that have a calming effect. After all, the party is not over for the tongues that have the lingering taste of the drinks and the mind that still enjoys the experience offered by after dinner drinks. Kahlua, the coffee liquor drink makes a great drink after dinner. With Kahlua, the choices are varied, as they come in rich flavors and can be had hot or chilled, with or without ice.

Kahlua Sombrero : A Perfect After Dinner Drink

Being flavor-rich, Kahlua allows you to indulge your tastes to enhance the taste of after dinner coffee. Here is a simple recipe that would mark a grand close to a wonderful party.

Kahlua: 1 oz
Cream: ½ oz


  • Fill a tall glass with ice.
  • Pour Kahlua into the tall glass.
  • Add cream to the content in the glass.
  • Using a straw, stir Kahlua and the cream till they blend.

Want To Make Kahlua Sombrero Creamier?

If you are oriented towards making Kahlua sombrero creamier, here you go.

Kahlua: 1 oz
Cream: 2 oz

The best way to enjoy the creamy Kahlua sombrero is to have it without ice though chilled. Pour Kahlua and the cream into a tall glass and relax to sip the combination. With vodka added to it, you can have a Russian cocktail effect.

You can try out various other versions with Kahlua. Use your personal preference as your guide initially and the experience you gain will take on you from there. With its rich flavors, Kahlua blends to make a perfect after dinner coffee.