What Is Kahlua?

Making Kahlua DrinksCoffee lovers all over the world share a common sentiment – they feel energetic the moment they smell the aroma of coffee and as the tips of their tongues taste their favored drink, they relax to enjoy the experience, which seems unique every time they drink coffee. Kahlua is liquor with coffee flavor and considered to be the best coffee liquor the world has ever tasted. Grown in Veracruz in Mexico, Kahlua is a way of life for Mexicans.

History Of Kahlua

Kahlua production was commenced in the year 1936 in Veracruz. The two most important ingredients of Kahlua are pure Arabica coffee and sugarcane, which are also the land’s best produce. Kahlua means ‘House of the Acolhua people’. Pedro Domecq, the producer of Kahlua in 1936, merged with Allied Lyons in the year 1994 and from then on the company was called Allied Domecq.

How Is Kahlua Grown?

A blend of liquor and coffee, these coffee beans along with sugarcane are shade grown and handpicked. During the harvest season between October and March, the coffee cherries are handpicked from the high mountains where they grow in Veracruz. Coffee beans are extracted after pulping and processing these cherries. The beans are then air-dried during which the husk, the external layer, is removed. To let the coffee beans acquire the ideal environment to produce the perfect flavor, they are stored for about 6 months in a 50-kilo burlap bag. They are then roasted and blended with sugarcane, which had undergone distillation. A dash of caramel and vanilla are added and the combination is allowed to remain undisturbed for eight weeks. It is then filtered and now you have Kahlua bottled and ready for use.

Kahlua And Tia Maria – Do They Taste The Same?

Since the time the production of Kahlua began, it has been compared to Tia Maria, yet another coffee liquor that is famous the world over. Tia Maria has its history traced back to 17th century and it was in the 1950s, the liquor was rediscovered. Kahlua differs from Tia Maria in its texture and taste – thicker than Tia Maria and less sweeter as well. With sugarcane rum has its spirit base, Kahlua has more ingredients that include nutmeg and vanilla.

How To Serve Kahlua Drinks?

The texture of Kahlua makes it a great coffee dessert. Since it blends well with various combinations, you can let your imagination run wild to produce the essence of the rich flavor of coffee and the sugarcane spirit. Pour the drink in a glass with crushed ice. Add a dash of thick cream to float on top.

Kahlua goes well with hot black coffee as well. Cream and ground cinnamon topping will enhance the taste of the black coffee with Kahlua.

Have a tall glass filled with ice and add Kahlua to it. With a gentle stir, let it cool to the preferred temperature and make it a winning combination with a stroke of orange zest.

Kahlua Flavors

Kahlua comes in various flavors other than its original form. The flavors include French vanilla, hazelnut, mocha, especial and peppermint mocha. Hot or cold, Kahlua makes a great drink and ranks top in the list of coffee liquor drinks.